Who Do You Recommend as a Financial Consultant for Debt Issues?

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Social Security Says They Are Not the Full Answer

Many believe Social Security payments will be enough to retire on. But that’s not true. The Social Security Administration says, “ Social Security Should Be Just One Part of Your Retirement Plan.” On average, retirement beneficiaries receive 40 percent of their pre-retirement income from Social Security.

Would it be Beneficial to Get Help for My Situation?

The honest answer is it’s complicated.

What Does a Typical Debt Relief Salesperson Do?

The reality is that, on average, it doesn’t matter if the debt relief provider you call is selling debt settlement, credit counseling, bankruptcy, debt validation, or some other magic pixie dust.

This is Who I Recommend for Good Debt Advice

There are two people I have high regard for providing good advice. One is Michael Bovee. Michael is a hell of a guy who I’ve seemingly known forever in the debt space. You can’t go wrong with the advice from Michael.

In Your Case

I would guarantee that if you called a debt settlement company or credit counseling group, they would try to pitch you on their debt relief solution. They will make it sound like it is perfect for you and magical. A one-size-fits-all product.



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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode


Dog Rescue Pilot, Firefighter, Debt Coach, and a Nice Guy